Pakistan Arm Wrestling Federation

Refree Guidelines

Guidelines for Handling Fractures

Fractures (broken bones) are a rare but serious injury in the sport of arm wrestling. Of the many possible fractures, a spiral facture of the humorous is the most common. The referees will minimize the frequency of this injury; however, they will still occur. Often there is no obvious deformity and the evidence that a fracture has occurred is the characteristic noise of breaking bone and the pain experienced by the puller. At this point it is important that an organized system of events take place both to reduce chaos and reassure the injured person.

First, a prearranged person should lead the injured person away from the table to a prearranged area. Do not let the person leave the arm wrestling table without assistance. Try to keep bystanders at a minimum, they will contribute to the chaos and further unnerve the injured person.

Secondly, try not to move the injured arm much. The puller will automatically hold it in the most comfortable position. Moving it will cause more pain and, potentially, more damage.