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Internationl Paralympic Recognition (IPC) Disables.

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World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) receives recognition by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Pakistan Armwrestling Federation (P.A.F)  is pleased to announce that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has been granted the status of “IPC Recognised International Federation (IF)” to World Armwrestling Federation (WAF).

Para-Armwrestling is the new approved by IPC terminology in regard with WAF Armwrestling Paralympic Movement.

“This is a historical recognition for WAF” says Assen Hadjitodorov the WAF President.

“This is a great achievement for WAF and for our great sport” says General Secretary Mircea Simionescu-Simicel.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is an international non-profit organization and the global governing body for the Paralympic Movement. Founded in 1989, its mission is to enable Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire the world.

About WAF:
The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is the international governing organization for the sport of ARMWRESTLING established in 1977, composed of more than 70 National Federation and six Continental Federations.
The Organization is WADA Code Compliant.
Armwrestling Championships for persons with disabilities started in 1996.
The main annual event of WAF is the World Armwrestling Championship, 37th edition of World Armwrestling Championship, which was held in Malaysia on 26th September to 4th October 2015.

Disabled Classes:

Pakistan Armwrestling Federation (P.A.F)s Disabled Classes and Categories valid for World and Continental Armwrestling Championships.

Update: the categories have been approved by WAF Congress on September 2015

Physical Impairment athletes (ARM 1) (Sitting athletes)

Men: 55 kg, 65 kg 75 kg +75 kg
Women: 65 kg, +65 kg

Physical Impairment athletes (ARM2 – standing athletes)

Men: 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, +90 kg
Women: 65 kg, +65 kg
Junior men: 55 kg, +55 kg
Junior women: 50 kg, +50 kg

Visual impairment athletes (ARM3)

Men: 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg
Women: 60 kg, 70 kg, +70 kg

Hearing impairment athletes (ARM4)

Men: 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg
Women: 60 kg, 70 kg, +70 kg


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After the successful 2015 European Para-Armwrestling Championship held in Bulgaria and 2015 World Para-Armwrestling Championship held in Malaysia under the umbrella of International Paralympic Committee (IPC), WAF received another huge recognition from IPC beeing invited to take part as recognized federation into the upcoming Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.

WAF President Assen Hadjitodorov received the official invitation from Sir. Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to represent World Armwrestling Federation during the Paralympic games.