Pakistan Arm Wrestling Federation

About us


Arm wrestling has existed in Pakistan since the 1985 in the street boys were testing their strength against one another. Later on, no competitions were organized and champions were only in towns However, problems arose as to the legitimacy of titles. In the early 2008. There was no provincial or national body organized that set out the standards for rules, refereeing and table dimensions. Rules varied from competition to competition as did the arm wrestling tables. Some tables had wood-rimmed elbow pads and wooden pin pads - definitely an incentive not to lose. Referees had no formal training, they were chosen by friendship or availability.

The Pakistan Armwrestling Federation. (P.A.F) was created in 2009 by Qaisar Khan, who had a big name in Pakistan traditional and Olympic Style wrestling and got many medals including Asian medals for Pakistan. He trained well in different countries in Armwrestling. Chairman Bahadar Kahan, Chudry Muhammad Arif as president who has given his skills to wrestling Almost 26 year as a General Secretary of Pakistan wrestling Federation. Faisal Khan as Sr.vice-President and Mr Riaz Mahmood Rana as vice President, Qaisar khan as Secretary General and Muhammad Sarwar butt as vice-President, Rana Rehan Anwar Asso- Secretary of Pakistan Armwrestling Federation. (P.A.F). The organization was incorporated as a non-profit Federation.

The first year only a couple of tournaments were held, the first of which was at the City Lahore. To gain acceptance by the Province or National Sports Board to hold competitions in licensed establishments, we had to prove ourselves. To do so, we held a tournament at the different cities of Pakistan. Although Chairman Bahadar Khan was gave place for build first Federation’s Training Hall. Where boys come from far to trained, The P.A.F is the one and only one who is going to registerd by the Pakistan Sports Board very soon and already registered with A.A.F and W.A.F.

For promotion of Armwrestling and for sport took flight so, Federation decided to give Armwrestling Tables around the country to famous Sports Club and Gyms. With 200 to over 300 entries at each tournament. The venues were filled to capacity as fans came out to cheer for the local favorite and boo some of the out-of-towners.

Today, the P.A.F. holds 6 sanctioned tournaments a year, a few local tournaments and the Provincial Championships. Where somebody walking off the street could compete against a National Champion. Today, the classes are split between amateur and pro classes. They aren’t really professionals, they’re just very good, but for the lack of a better word we call them pros. They are now separated from competing against a newcomer. So you get the best of both worlds - the beginners have a fighting chance and you get to watch some of the best arm wrestlers in Pakistan go at it.

If you are interested in getting involved as a competitor or would like to host a competition call, or e-mail one of the numbers on the Contact us.